Benefits of opening a business in Slovakia

Numerous successful businesspersons consider that they cannot actively develop in their sphere in the CIS countries. That is why they transfer their assets to Europe whenever possible. Often foreign investors from all EU countries choose Slovakia.

Why Slovakia?

Which industries are the most profitable to invest in Europe?

European countries continue to gain momentum in popularity. Almost everyone is interested in them - from tourists to investors. Every year more and more foreign investors are wondering how to open a business in Europe. Many businesspersons are attracted by the quality of life in European countries, so they actively invest their funds here in real estate (and not only). It is worth considering which investments are the most profitable and why.

Which is the best industry to invest in Slovakia

Drastic changes in the Slovakia economic situation have occurred exactly over the past decade. The improvement of tax reforms has entailed the attraction of specialists in demand in the necessary areas for economic system development. Because of the immediate leap in the country's development, foreign investors became interested in it. Looking at Slovakia today it is hard to believe that just ten years ago this country was in a total economic hole. However, in the example of Slovakia, one can understand how to get rid of stagnation and develop the economy at a frantic pace. 

Investments abroad

Every day the real estate market in Slovakia attracts more and more foreign investors. This happens since the country is very conscientious about partnerships with other members of the European Union. Thanks to this, investments in Slovak real estate are also growing. It would be a lie to say it is very cheap here or that prices are stable. Over the past six months, they have grown by 1.2% when compared with the previous year. However, Slovakia is quite liberal about real estate investors compared with other countries. For example, the neighboring Czech Republic is characterized by rapid annual growth in property prices, while the rise in prices for Slovak apartments has grown by only 1.5% over the past few years.

Business immigration to Slovakia

Europe has begun attracting tourists who are eager to visit its most beautiful countries, as well as move to one of them for permanent residence. It is fair enough since the European Union is famous for its high standards of living and a huge social package of services for its citizens. European stability, comfort, and safety attracts not only tourists but also businesspersons who need confidence in the future.  

Real estate is almost not affected

It was previously believed that in spring the demand for housing will be the most significant for many years, which should have been promoted by low interest rates, the already high activity of potential buyers and an increase in the share of "millennials" who have reached the age when it is time to acquire your own roof over your head.

investment in Italy

According to Investment Migration Insider, in order to get the Italian residency documents, investors now need to invest as little as €250,000 in an Italian startup or €500,000 in a company from this country.

Real Estate in Serbia

   The Republic of Serbia is one of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula that attracts potential investors. The point is not only in a pleasant climate, fertile soil and the prospect of tourism development but also in the fact that in the Balkans only Serbia at the legislative level introduced duty-free trade with the countries of the Eurasian Customs Union.

Epidemic upset the plans

At the end of last year, economists predicted that 2020 would be very good for the housing market. However, coronavirus has then cropped up, and the demand for real estate has decreased sharply, with this trend being likely to linger on for more than one month.

real estate in Latvia

The extent to which prices for Latvian residential property will depend on the economic situation, The Baltic Course writes.

A reduction in GDP and economic activity will result in lower real estate prices in Latvia in 2020.

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