markets recover in Austria

The expert from Austria reports that the market did not experience significant shocks.

A strict quarantine has been in force in the country, since March 15. Everyone was sitting at home, everything was closed, except for grocery and drugstores. The restoration began, on April 15. Highly specialized shops were opened, and restaurants started to work from May 15. However, so far everyone is wearing masks and required to maintain a distance.

market in Turkey has slipped in price

Our Turkish expert claims that due to the fall of the lira, the secondary market has slipped in price.

Tourists missed Turkey. But they will come here only when the borders will be opened on both sides. In general, there are already concessions in the country, for example, most are free to walk.

property markets in Spain

The expert from Spain says that the seller can give a 25% discount.

During the two-month quarantine, there was a great demand for commercial facilities. In general, throughout this period we observed vivid interest in the current situation. People were interested in discounts, were tracking a propitious moment for investment.

property markets in Italy

Quarantine measures taken in almost all countries of the world are gradually being canceled. Life is back on track; it also applies to real estate markets. In this article, experts from Spain, Italy, Austria, and Turkey share relevant information on the current situation.

Situation in Italy
The expert from Italy reports that pending demand visible after quarantine.

Offices become irrelevant

The need to work from home which is faced by millions of Americans during the epidemic can strike a blow at the office rental sector that would be as powerful as the one received by shopping malls from the growing popularity of e-commerce. In these circumstances, the companies can accelerate the process of moving into less spacious premises which has been observed for a decade and caused leasing of offices to bring less profit than of other types of real estate.

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