Europe has begun attracting tourists who are eager to visit its most beautiful countries, as well as move to one of them for permanent residence. It is fair enough since the European Union is famous for its high standards of living and a huge social package of services for its citizens. European stability, comfort, and safety attracts not only tourists but also businesspersons who need confidence in the future.  

Today, business immigration to Europe is a common occurrence. Investors have long probed this path and are confidently investing in their own business in a foreign country, with an extraordinary penalty. In addition to the fact that their business is actively supported by a stable economy and huge potential for its development, they have a real opportunity to move to one or another EU country. Depending on the circumstances, businesspersons can obtain either a residence permit or citizenship of the state where they started their business. By the way, almost all the countries of the European Community are interested in this, since a successful foreign businessman is a potential taxpayer who will be able to make a significant contribution to the development of society.

All this becomes possible thanks to a variety of investment programs that do not limit the possibility of participating in them. Therefore, businesspersons from any country can try out the possibilities of such programs. An indisputable advantage of doing and developing the business in Europe is the ability to keep money in the most reliable banks in the world.

A successful business and a decent quality of living are what foreign investors are striving for. Therefore, start-up entrepreneurs choose a country that meets their requirements. The most optimal choice for business migration is Slovakia. This state provides newcomers with the opportunity to build personal entrepreneurship in a short time, investing adequate amounts of money in it. It is pretty challenging to obtain a residence permit in other EU countries, let alone becoming a full-fledged citizen of such a country, even with massive monetary contributions.

Slovakia greenlights novice executives to start a business, without requiring additional financial costs, which automatically makes it possible to plan the move there. Nowadays anyone in Slovakia can start a business and develop it in the desired area, consequently get a residence permit and even become a full citizen of the country.


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