Drastic changes in the Slovakia economic situation have occurred exactly over the past decade. The improvement of tax reforms has entailed the attraction of specialists in demand in the necessary areas for economic system development. Because of the immediate leap in the country's development, foreign investors became interested in it. Looking at Slovakia today it is hard to believe that just ten years ago this country was in a total economic hole. However, in the example of Slovakia, one can understand how to get rid of stagnation and develop the economy at a frantic pace. 

Now Slovakia is at the top of the countries with a high level of economic development list, as evidenced by the ratings published by the Doing Business agency. This fact made it an ideal solution for foreign businesspersons considering starting their own business abroad. 

Foreigners have an opportunity to legalize their business in a short time. The business registration will take a maximum of 3 weeks, which is good news for foreign investors. Foreigners can establish and legalize their business here and register an enterprise without any particular difficulties. There are adequate tax rates for them, which is also a profitable start to business immigration. By the way, there is not only the easy business realization that attracts east investors but also the Slovak culture that is very similar to the culture of Eastern Europe

So far, closed limited liability companies and open joint-stock companies are in demand here. Many well-known companies are convinced of the advantages of investing in Slovakia. Among them are automobile corporations - Peugeot-Citroen, Fort Motors, and Volkswagen. The list of companies that have experienced all the pros and cons of doing business in Slovakia can also include IT giants - Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung.

After Slovakia acceded to the European Union, almost every foreigner had the opportunity to acquire real estate in this country without hindrance. By the way, there is no need to register yourself as a legal entity to buy an apartment. Although this is a nice bonus for many who want to become the owner of a real estate element in Europe, it is not a 100% guarantee for obtaining a residence permit.

Nowadays, the country does not provide specific conditions for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship for foreigners. Even those people who make significant contributions to the development of the Slovakia economy and society may not necessarily be able to obtain an EU passport. However, it is important to remember that the presence of an officially registered property in your name significantly increases the chance of becoming a full-fledged resident of this state. As for investments, they will be quite adequate due to liberal property prices.


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