Every day the real estate market in Slovakia attracts more and more foreign investors. This happens since the country is very conscientious about partnerships with other members of the European Union. Thanks to this, investments in Slovak real estate are also growing. It would be a lie to say it is very cheap here or that prices are stable. Over the past six months, they have grown by 1.2% when compared with the previous year. However, Slovakia is quite liberal about real estate investors compared with other countries. For example, the neighboring Czech Republic is characterized by rapid annual growth in property prices, while the rise in prices for Slovak apartments has grown by only 1.5% over the past few years.

In other words, the rise in prices for real estate in Slovakia is taking place in a planned manner. There are several reasons such a slow change. The first and main reason is the stability of the country's economy. By the way, with each increase in the real estate cost the Czech Republic loses businessmen who are interested in this market. On the contrary, Slovakia does everything not only to keep existing investors but also to attract new ones. There is an opinion among experts that the rise in prices happens due to the high popularity of real estate either among foreign and the local population. Thus, cost jumps can be called the price for conditions that are acceptable for many start-up entrepreneurs for lending and starting a business. The diversified business flourishing in this country testifies to the correctness of the established system.

Among other advantages for foreign businessmen, one can single out a relatively low-income tax, amounting to only 21%. Meanwhile, in neighboring EU countries it is much higher.

Also, a simple taxation system can't be put out to pasture, as it combined with a low investment of funds and time for personal accounting, favorable geographic location, and inexpensive labor force.


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